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Post by Dr.Kran on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:13 am

D r . K r a n

Why must there be rules?
Sorry to be a "kill joy", but without rules how can anyone win fairly?
If I want to make an anything can be possible game there must be rules and limitations
I've decided to create these rules to set in the fair play... I made a small list.

1 - Spamming
If you can't edit a command or spammed multiple post with the same content, those contents will be deleted depending on which has the least details on them.
Spamming is a common and basic rule that is hated among many owners

2 - Begging
You can only ask for something once, but never twice.
If someone already begged that person and the person said no, then you can't ask that person.
-Note that anyone one who gives into a begger will always be begged by more beggars and they'll look at you as a food source....

3 - No Harassment
No harassment is tolerated here and will be charged with a warning, constant harassment will result the wheel or ban, your choice.

4 - Kids may be playing this too
So no nudity... We don't want the young ones seeing that stuff. Who hasn't though?
But still... Still clothed content.

5 - insufficient settings
No exceeding beyond your EXP points or offering something you do not have.
Anything with this will be marked as Insufficient and command will be deleted.
You can only get discounts if you've haggled the NPC or Player into reducing costs.

6 - Break the deal, face the wheel
If you break the deal then you suffer a fate worse than any other on this forums... The wheel of Demise!
There are 8 sections to this wheel, 2 of them will let you off with a warning...
You get 4 chances to get banned and 2 to get a prize.

7 - Existing forum content
Don't use other player's creations without their permission and following their terms.
Do not use existing content without completing the set condition.
Your content is safe as long as it's original. You can however have some similarities, but not major ones.

8 - No asking for staff position
You may not ask for such ranks, it must be earned by me or by my Dev, Co-Mastermind of this rig?.

9 - Borders
All icons must have a frame to surround it, you can do recolorations to any border but you can't alter their shape.
With time you can unlock and collect rare borders or sell them for high depending on rarity.

10 - Only mild swearing is allowed, flaming however isn't.

11 - Testing Actions
You may not use the actions located at the preview commands without the complete conditions.
If you want to test them, test them here.
Game Master
Game Master

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