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Clan Guides

Post by Dr.Kran on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:15 pm

Making a clan will cost you 100k Credits
Custom Clan Boosts
It can be as silly as this example.

Cheese Cheddar Zing: Cheese now increases HP by +100 more.
That's how custom it is, however each +1 costs x2 stat points.
The clan will have EXP usage depending on how much Stat Points the leader has. Click here for stat list.

General Clan Boosts
Knowledge Knowledge: +10% Mission success, +5% Raid Success and +1% bonus rare craft or rare drop per lvl.
Worth 5000 stat points or 1m Wealth
Wealth Income Wealth Finds: Will increase member's hire worth per lvl +1000 and increase the money gained per drop.
Worth 2000 stat points or 1m Wealth
Clan Vault  Vaults: Increases clan wealth equal to the amount of Credits contributed.
Medical buff Increase the HP of all clan members by +150 and HP gained by food or drugs by +100.
Worth 5000 stat points or 1m Wealth
Game Master
Game Master

Total progress
Character HP:
1475/1500  (1475/1500)
Ship HP:
1000000/1000000  (1000000/1000000)
50/1000  (50/1000)

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