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Zalair Space FAQ

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Zalair Space FAQ

Post by Dr.Kran on Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:17 pm

� Check your spelling & grammar before posting.
� There are no edit or delete options, so think before you post!
� Post questions, praise, complaints or general comments here.
� Do not request things here. That's what the Request Box is for!
� Please check the "About" tab before asking something that may already have been answered.
� If you want a higher chance of response from me, try the forums.
� Try to write in either english, I cannot understand other languages.
Game Master
Game Master

Total progress
Character HP:
1475/1500  (1475/1500)
Ship HP:
1000000/1000000  (1000000/1000000)
50/1000  (50/1000)

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