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Character Stats

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Character Stats

Post by Dr.Kran on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:36 pm

Character stats

What custom characters can you think of?
Be as detailed as you can, from their nature likes dislikes strengths and weaknesses and as far as many languages.

(Erase the categories you don't use.)
Size: Large, Medium, Small

Hit points: High, Medium, Low

Resistance (name): High, Medium, Low, None

Dexterity:  High, Medium, Low, none, Random

Speed: Fast, Normal, Slow, All, Random

Damage: High, Medium, Low, none

Damage Type: High, Medium, Low, none
(Custom excluding range)

Attackrate: High, Medium, Low, none

Language: What does your character speak?

Special Skill: What does your race specialize in?

Special Skill II: What does your race specialize in?

Weakness: What is your character weaker towards?

Diet: What does your race mostly eat?

Habits: What are your races common habits.

You can think of your own categories too or suggest them here.
Game Master
Game Master

Total progress
Character HP:
1475/1500  (1475/1500)
Ship HP:
1000000/1000000  (1000000/1000000)
50/1000  (50/1000)

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