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Post by Natsu on Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:47 pm

The Talcelus of Dreadnormus (Tal-Sell-is)

Type: Predator

Hit points: High
Resistance Type: Strong against fire, acid, explosions, chemicals (including paint)
Speed: High
Damage: Strong
Damage Type: Claw
Language: Mind-Reader

Special Skill: Tempting Illusions/ Stronger in dark areas and night.
Special Skill II: Burrow through metal
Special Weakness: All Electricity weapons
 Laser Rifle Electro Grenade Laun Laser Minigun Electro Shell Energy Sniper Energy Sword Energy Blade Shock Fields Sub Machinegun EMP Missile Hammer
Diet: All Meat
Habits: Hunting, burrowing, eating.

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More Information

Post by Natsu on Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:51 pm

The Talcelus is a race of Crustaceans that feed only on the tastiest the world has to offer in flesh. They come in many sizeses breeds and colors.

The Talcelus can also read minds of their pray, which makes them a very tough opponent. They can use your greatest desire as bait, but if you tame one they can easily understand you for they are quick learners.

They have no known language other than the ones their manipulating.

They are incabable of building anything, but their ideas are out of this world.

Whatever you surve to them doesnt compare to their primary taste, live meat. If their prey dies, then they lose interest in the quality unless starving.

A starving Talcelus will eat another Talcelus in belief they are as one being to stay alive. They can climb walls and tear through metal, but nothing of any plasma based. They love to burrow into your Vehicles or atleast scratch it because they know it pisses you off.

The Talcelus do not need sleep nor do they tire, but however 1 minute of sleep to them is like 1 day to us. The Talcelus are immune to infections. Talcelus blood is poisonous to other races. A desperate Talcelus will eat his own arm to in order to regenerate quicker.

A Talcelus can offer you absolutely nothing, but their threats are real. The common threats are to reveal what is your deepest thoughts to someone you are hiding them from.
But if you have nothing to be revealed they'll attempt to eat you instead.

Talcelus travel separate but will choose each other over another race regardless of friendship or relationship unless their really close to you, but this is rare since they often use people in exchange for their strength.

Weaker against lasers, pierce, slash, crush
Strong against fire, acid, explosions, chemicals (including paint)

Intelligents are manipulation, predatory knowledge, and inventions.
If shot in the eye, it is temporarily immobilized until it regenerates quickly in under 7 seconds

They also reproduce asexually.
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Adding Race

Post by Dr.Kran on Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:51 pm

Request Confirmed
Nice request
Ill make it possible when I can.
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Re: Talcelus

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